ExprLib® Developer's Workshop

The ExprLib® Workshop is designed to give a hands-on introduction to what can be done with the library in terms of applied mathematical problem soving. "Mini-Workshops" (one to two days) are also available and have been presented around the world. Please contact info for more information. Here are some details of a three day Workshop given at Wright-Patterson AFB.
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ExprLib ® Workshop

ExprLib® is an ANSI C library that was designed by Multidisciplinary Software Systems Research Corporation (MSSRC) to allow the easy and accurate manipulation of mathematical expressions at a very high level. It is a C library which is callable from a user's own code in the same way any other ANSI C library is callable.

Duration (days)

I. Overview of symbolic computation
  1. Problems that benefit from symbolic computation
  2. Combining symbolic and numeric computational techniques
II. Overview of ExprLib
  1. Quick review of C library issues
  2. ExprLib data types
  3. Structure of the library and simple examples
  4. Comparison with other systems
III. ExprLib details
  1. Calling conventions
  2. More simple examples
  3. Detailed functionality
  4. Some detailed examples

Working knowledge of the C programming language (or a similar language)

Course Objectives
I. Gain enough expertise to work with the library for solving scientific and engineering problems

II. Understand how it is possible to extend the library by user added extensions and algorithms

Target Audience
This course is targeted for engineers and scientists who are interested in the potential of applying "industrial strength" techniques in symbolic and numeric computation to problems of interest.

Method of Delivery
Lecture and practical exercises

Organization Providing the Training
Multidisciplinary Software Systems Research Corporation (MSSRC)

This PET training course was previously presented in the ASC/HP Classroom 105, Building 676 located at Area B, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.
For more information, send an e-mail message to info

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