Larry A. Lambe
Chief Scientist MSSRC

B.S. (with highest Departmental Distinction), M.S., and Ph.D. (August, 1980) in Mathematics, University of Illinois at Chicago.


Dr. Lambe has been the Chief Scientist of MSSRC since 2002. Before that, he was an independent consultant, world traveller, and member of several research institutes, academic university departments and companies (at the level of Member, Research Scientist or Professor) such as Northern Illinois University Math department, DeKalb, IL (during the year 1979, while finishing his PhD work at the University of Illinois at Chicago, for which he is quite grateful); Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, Math department; UIC Department of Math, Stats, and Comp Sci, Chicago, IL (several times); Sydney University Math department, Sydney Australia (several times); Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, Math department (Special Year on Group Cohomology); University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Math department, Chapel Hill, NC (several times); IBM Research, Yorktown Hts, NY, Math department, SCRATCHPAD Group (several times); Notre Dame University, South Bend, IN, Math department; ETH Math department, Zurich, Switzerland; Numerical Algorithms Group North America, Illinois, Downers Grove, IL (several times); Universities of Trent and Milan, Dept of Theoretical Physics, Italy; Bangor University, Wales, UK, Math department; Center for the Advancement of Industrial Productivity (CAIP) at Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ; Stockholm University Math department, Stockholm, Sweden (several times); and the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) at Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio (several times).

He has written numerous papers that are published in scholarly journals and a textbook on mathematical physics with Professor David Radford (UIC). There are hundreds of citations of his work by others in the scientific literature. He has also contributed to the source code of the AXIOM system (IBM Research and NAG)

He is the author of numerous software packages and libraries that range from research level to applied mathematics.

Awards and honors

He received a Citation for Fostering Excellence in Research and Scholarship from Governor Jim Edger of Illinois and Dr. Stephanie Marshall, Executive Director, Illinois Math. and Science Academy, for guidance of students participating in the Mentorship Program of the Illinois Math and Science Academy, April 27, 1994 (work done while at NAG North America in Illinois in 1993-1994).

He was given the distinction of being the J. Frank Adams Lecturer in the U.K. for 1996 (Manchester University).

For his overall work in computational mathematics, he received a Doctorate of Philosophy honoris causa from Stockholm University in Stockholm City Hall, September 27, 1996.

In 1997, he was awarded an honorary Professorship in the Mathematics Department of the University of Wales at Bangor, UK. In 2007, he was awarded an honorary Professorship in the Computer Science Department of Bangor University, Wales, UK.

He was the PI of Phase I and Phase II SBIR awards from the Air Force, 2005-2012.

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